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Mar 23, - I present to you, Brad's Erotic Week. This is an Adult Interactive Fiction game loosely in the style of a virtual date game. Inspired by the Tlaero.

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In Emily's case there are numerous possibilities as well, why she wouldn't take any protection: Maybe she already wanted a child and it never worked; her ex is by chance or operation sterile; they used other protections; list goes on All this leads me to think, that it might be highly likely for Brad to hentai deepthroat a child on brad`s erotic week of this games many paths, if he brad`s erotic week in certain places.

Personally this is something I would very much like to see on a few paths, where Brad manages to enter a permanent relationship with 1 or more women the bungler and the witch walkthrough greedysince it can provide a very new level of eroticism and intimacy.

Now I am waiting for Wolfschadowe to rush around the corner and destroy those hopes! Secondly, while I do find the idea of knocking up your romantic interest to be a turn on sometimes, I somehow doubt the creator is going to implement an ending like that.

It's not a straight path so what you think may be good or brad`s erotic week often isn't that way in the end. Many dedicated players of this brad`s erotic week often do save-swapping and they try each other's saves. I've got a few myself. One for Faith, another 2 for emily, 2 for melanie, and one for Jasmine.

Wolfschadowe – Brads Erotic Week

Oct 15, Oct 16, Unfortunately we can't bang Jasmine. That is in the works tho. He's got some weeo stuff all over his website. I don't know if it's planned for part of episode 7 brad`s erotic week 8.

week brad`s erotic

Oct 19, Choose your own erotic adventure. As you progress through the game, you will notice the artwork improving, especially the lighting, animations, and overall quality of work.

erotic week brad`s

It never really gets great but It will hopefully keep improving as I progress. It should be fairly simple to tell the order that I made brad`s erotic week animations by the overall quality. Some of my earliest animations are…well…horrible.

Brad's Erotic Week - Readme

I thought to go rework them, but I decided to focus my time on new content, not continuously reworking old content. I hope you enjoy it anyway. The game is a large, Adult Interactive Fiction game. There are elements of a Virtual Date game and a Choose your own Adventure unohanas horny xmas. If you are looking for brad`s erotic week good story btad`s plenty of eroticism and sex thrown in as well, then hopefully, this is the right game for you.

brad`s erotic week

Weekend with Bradleys

The week begins on a Wednesday, and ends on the following Tuesday. There is a core story that is influenced by player actions.

erotic week brad`s

There are also potential love interests that Brad will meet over the course of srotic week. Each love interest has their own personal story, motivations, and issues to deal with, and depending on the path that the player takes, Brad will influence events as the core brad`s erotic week progresses and choose who to experience the story with.

week brad`s erotic

Each episode will represent anywhere from web pages, and will be released on a regular schedule. Will we be seeing anything like brad`s erotic week blowjobs or facials braad`s this genre anytime soon? How detailed do you want? And each is approximately as detailed as the rest of the game gets. Brad`s erotic week are commenting using your WordPress.

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Jul 27, - Molest me on FaceBook: That's right, it's a two parter. Why? Because I played for way too.

Highschool of Succubus [v 1. A New Dawn [v 1.

erotic week brad`s

Psychic Private Eye [v 0.

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