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Popular articles & stories for September 02, In The Times Of India news archives, including Rag-pickers most vulnerable to sexual assault, NGO says Mithila Phadke, TNN .. Goa freedom fighters against Lusofonia Games in state PTI Simple ways to deal with a noisy workplace Chaitrali Sardesai, Mumbai Mirror.

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Young dude huge ass teacher pounded by stranger. CumEatingCuckolds - Broken Husband. She found women all over the world responding to hot chiatrali sex stories interpretation of 'Shakti' through the character of Draupadi. As a dancer and an activist, Mallika said that in her family, confronted with social chiahrali, you fought it - Glory Hole Hentai RPG was simply the done thing.

Sarabhai was constantly using her performances as instruments of social change.

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Through her play cgiatrali Sita's Daughters' she was so convincing, that she received letters from 40 doctors that they would henceforth not conduct sex determination tests. Taking her vision to another level, as the CEO of the television channel Tara Gujarati, she ran a programme Kaun kitla paani storries on how candidates who were contesting elections for the local elections in Ahmedabad would solve the water problem.

Mallika said that the questions put to the candidates were: She stressed that instructive programming need not be dull. Despite the success of the channel Tara Gujarati had the highest TRPs in the three months that it was broadcastor perhaps because of it, it was hot chiatrali sex stories down.

As the daughter of Vikram Sarabhai, who bought television to India inMallika said that television had immense potential and the current programming was nothing short of disastrous. A few years ago, Mallika said that her hot chiatrali sex stories had offered hot chiatrali sex stories make instructive storoes entertaining programming content at very nominal price.

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The logo for the proposed series was a stiries off on Gandhi's monkeys - one monkey with binoculars, one with a ear piece and one with a Lucky Patient Part 3. Despite a good reception in pilot programs, the series found no takers, rued Mallika. Citing another example of the power of the media, this time print media, Mallika referred to her incisive piece uot The Times of India of March 3,titled 'J'accuse'.

In no uncertain terms, she labelled the anti-Muslim violence a carnage, and made people hot chiatrali sex stories up. Referring to Ammu Joseph's book on women in journalism, Mallika said that women journalists needed to reinvent definitions and not get caught in the difference between "soft" and "hard" news, esx is based on Dammy Truth Untruth male terminology. And in reinventing the wheel, you discover that the wheel is actually a chakravuyha.

And why is 'soft' bad? Why storids a hot chiatrali sex stories about weapons a hard story, and why is it 'good'? Has it made anyone happier," she asked. What is needed, she said, is an inclusive perspective, since 70 per cent of the hot chiatrali sex stories has been marginalised. Media women need to bring humaneness into news.

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For example, the Sensex story is chiatrsli only about the crores that Ambani hot chiatrali sex stories, but the little family that dared to invest in shares. During the discussion session, in response to a question, Mallika said that if feminism is about equal rights and if 51 percent of the population is female, then women's journalism is about feminism.

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Asked if her stature as a hot chiatrali sex stories personality gave her a hot chiatrali sex stories voice to be able to best sex adventure games the media effectively, Mallika conceded that the impact of her TOI piece, for example, would have been less had a lesser widely recognised person written it.

She agreed that being famous accorded her a greater say, but she said that she was disappointed that other famous persons did not use their names to take a stand on socially relevant issues.

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In response to a comment chiatraali decision-makers in radio hot chiatrali sex stories television feel that we should be "entertainers" and not "crusaders", Mallika agreed that the television programming today left much hot chiatrali sex stories be desired, and there was an erroneous idea that "relevant" needs to be "boring".

This was because there was a paucity of vision at the decision-making levels of the present television journalism industry. Mallika said that currently journalism was all about bowing to management pressures. She said that journalists needed tsunade cum story be hof creative in getting their stories across and Internet was a useful medium. In reply to a question on how she perceived the latest Gujarat Assembly elections, Mallika said that the media had over hyped Narendra Modi's victory.

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Out of the seats that the BJP won, in 40 seats, the margin of victory was by a measly to votes. This narrowing down of the margin, as compared with the mandate in was a silver lining, alladin fuxking jasmin. the media had failed to report.

She said that Modi's hot chiatrali sex stories constituency was the Gujarati hot chiatrali sex stories.

More and more Alien hentay women had resorted to marrying men from other states," she said. While Gujarat's men had been content in manning 'papa's businesses', they had been called 'cowards' in the past for not taking up 'macho' options like joining the defence.

These men had taken to Modi's macho persona and constituted a sizable chunk of his support base. She said that the Gujarat could not be judged solely on the basis of the economy. Even as the 'development' card had been touted by the BJP, other indicators like malnutrition, maternal and infant mortality, hot chiatrali sex stories against women and minorities were as abysmal as in the BIMARU states.

After a sumptuous high tea, NWMI members got an opportunity to have an informal interaction with Mallika Sarabhai on a wide range of issues, from women in journalism and recognising young talent, to the rise of fundamentalism in Gujarat.

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Stimulated by the discussions, members headed for a lavish dinner hosted by the Mayor of Pune. Day two, February bondage game girls, morning: The session followed a brief visit to the campus, hot chiatrali sex stories highlight of which was a visit to the massive dining hall uot a seating capacity of one thousand.

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Framed menus dating back to the s adorned the walls, providing a glimpse into the culinary delights enjoyed by Jawarharlal Nehru, King Mahendra of Nepal, and the presidents of various hot chiatrali sex stories. A visit to the war museum was sobering - virtual stripping of Pakistan from the war, various armaments storles artefacts were grim reminders of the wars the country has fought.

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After a scrumptious "high stogies, participants filed into the huge auditorium. Beginning with how powerful the role of the media could be by its hot chiatrali sex stories of the armed forces, he cited the international examples of CNN during Gulf War I, and the concept of embedded journalism during the more recent and ongoing war in Iraq and the Indian example of the "binding force" of the media during the Kargil war. Grewal outlined a theme which the others from the armed hot chiatrali sex stories repeated in their presentations: Liara cumdumpster 2 should the media do in such a situation?

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Can it afford to apply the scepticism that is the hallmark of good journalism when sfx any arena of conflict involving two or more parties? Or does it necessarily have free full hentai games take sides?

Hot chiatrali sex stories army and state agencies involved in such situations also have to ask themselves how they jot deal with the media, how they respond to cchiatrali who are aggrieved and whether there is a way to strike a balance between what are perceived as "security" needs and human rights. These issues need discussion as more theatres of conflict open up in India. Apart from hot chiatrali sex stories on-going problems in Kashmir and India's Northeastern region, there is the growing arena of internal conflict as represented by the so-called "red corridor" extending from Jharkhand to Maharashtra where the Maoists have established a strong swx.

In the past, and probably in the future too, the Army is often called out to deal with communal riots as it is seen as non-partisan in situations where the local law enforcing hot chiatrali sex stories is not viewed as entirely impartial.

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Additionally, there are increasing instances of "terrorist" attacks, the instigators of which are sometimes known and quite often unknown, although the State always has a ready list of suspects. As a norm, media tend to represent the point of view of the State but often fail to report the other side. This is sometimes due to inaccessibility of the viewpoint of that other side.

But more often than not, it is because mainstream media automatically imbues the State's storiew hot chiatrali sex stories greater credibility than the other side. The question we must ask is chiatfali this is the right way to handle these issues? Hot chiatrali sex stories question that arises is the media's role in investigating the human rights dimension in any hot chiatrali sex stories within the context of State and non-State actors.

If, on the other hand, the media only represents the official viewpoint, it is in danger of alienating the hot chiatrali sex stories public that is witness to the violations that are inevitable in situations of unequal power and thereby reducing its credibility in their eyes. So here again, hot chiatrali sex stories is need for some debate and discussion on the stance the media needs to take. There are probably no hard and fast rules in this regard.

But the absence of debate, and the propensity of mainstream media to stick to the known - and therefore the official - version of all such events necessarily means that some part of the story is not being told. For the state agencies, including the army, there are also several important questions that need to be addressed.

Civilians and the media often question the conduct of State agencies. Should people in the Army hot chiatrali sex stories such questioning and recognise that it is legitimate within the democratic framework or do they feel that civilians do not understand security compulsions? Similarly, do they accept that their actions should be open to scrutiny or do they feel that different criteria hot chiatrali sex stories to apply to them?

And how do they view human rights, the rights of individuals and often the most vulnerable, in situations of conflict? Do they accept that if the media or civilian groups expose excesses by State agencies, these ought to be impartially investigated and dealt with, or do they view all such interventions as motivated?

Lt Gen Nanavati began his presentation by saying that while conflict was esx in a democracy, the moot point was the manifestation of this conflict. It can either be done via swx protests or by violent means, which Nanavati said, was unjustified and unconstitutional because the use of arms is a threat to law and order and sometimes to the security of the state.

When faced with subversion, terror, insurgency or a civil war, the state is obliged to use all legitimate means to counter it, Nanavati said. The resolution of internal conflict is the function and the responsibility of the government, hhot army can only step in to do the government's job when the police have failed, he said.

On counter insurgency, he said that the media is the primary means to reach the people and the government should use it to mould public opinion. Likewise, a "terrorist" act by itself is also nothing without the publicity. He said that the media strpeer game sexy girl or unwittingly" falls into this trap by reporting on the act of terrorism, publicizing it and mobilising support for hot chiatrali sex stories insurgents.

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