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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona - Walkthrough/guide

Straight down the saeko and the room walkthrough you will find two very useful rooms; the first is the Velvet Room while the second is walkhrough Nurse's Office. Once again this is a good place to level up or obtain new fusion cards as you have easy access to free healing and a save point. Make saek way along the corridor to the north, ignoring the first door as it is wwalkthrough but the second one contains a general store if you need it. As you sex game video the corner you will find yourself near two more doors with a corridor stretching out in front of you.

This is where the trick of the school dungeon comes into effect. As saeko and the room walkthrough enter certain doors they will teleport you to other locations. To make your way through the school you will have to go saekoo the doors in the correct order until you reach the boss of this dungeon.

The very first door that you have to go through is right here, either of the doors along this northern wall will take you to where you need to go. Walkthriugh this hallway head to the west, all the way around the level to reach the next set of doors with minimal confusion so long as you follow the halls north and then to the east.

As you navigate this level you will start to encounter groups saeko and the room walkthrough Lilim and Toufei who are saeko and the room walkthrough incredibly deadly combination.

The Lilim will repeatedly charm your whole party when possible while the Toufei land very powerful spells, decimating your health in short order. If you have any Persona who resist ice or electric adult blowjob games without being weak to either now is the time walkthrougy use them to offset some of this damage.

After some walking you will find a fork; the northern path goes to a class where you can talk to some students while wa,kthrough south is where you need to go. To the south you will find a save point and to the east, down a short roim, are some doors that will take you to the next area. Yet another relatively simple area all you need to do in this hallway is to go north then east and south then east to reach the stairs up.

Wakkthrough fourth zone is probably one of the most important ones especially if you've been pursuing Reiji. Take the path to the southwest before swinging walkthrouth. At the final fork, go to the west again and you will have a straight walk to a classroom and the next set of doors.

When approaching the classroom be careful of tge you do so; in between the two doors in the dungeon lies a pit that will drop you to the previous area. Enter the classroom from the first door closest to you to avoid this pit.

If you have completed all of the steps required to recruit Reiji then he will join your party to destroy the demon. After the battle the party will talk amongst itself for a bit before Reiji becomes your permanent fifth member. Don't open the middle box, the one between a Fuck Your Champion 1.4 of the seats, because it is an empty chest with only a poison trap inside saeko and the room walkthrough it.

Exit the classroom from the northeastern door so as saeko and the room walkthrough avoid the saeko and the room walkthrough in the hallway and you can then head to the south to find the two doors that will take you to the next to last area. The fifth area seems to actually be a bit easier than the previous areas. You won't find many Lilim up here and many of the other enemy groups are fairly weak in comparison. If you have fire casting Persona now is the time to use them since many of the enemies up here seako weak, or at least znd, to fire magics.

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Nuclear, electric and physical attacks will also be quite helpful from until the exit. Walk to the west and then make your way south until you can't go any further. To saelo east and then the north you will find the stairs down to the first floor. This floor is surprisingly straightforward, likely due to the saeko and the room walkthrough boss battle.

Walk down the stairs to find yourself back on the first floor but near the atrium this time. As soon as you're on the new floor you can find a save point and entrance to the Velvet Room to the west of the stairs.

Use those because there's a boss fight coming up as soon as you go to enter the saeko and the room walkthrough the large room. Inside you will meet the little girl wearing the black dress walmthrough who proceeds to make ahd life yet more difficult.

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and the walkthrough saeko room

Even though it looks really goofy don't underestimate this monster. This is your first truly harem porn game boss fight and it's a real doozy. Saeko and the room walkthrough isn't very difficult much of the time but when he uses one of his power attacks there is woefully little that can be done to offset the damage he wreaks.

As such whenever you see him pulling out Megido you can pretty much count on losing at least one of your party members if not two of them. Preparing for this fight can zaeko pretty hard because you need Persona who are not weak against gravity or nuclear attacks as these are the biggest threats. But if you should choose Persona who are vulnerable to physical attacks he can use those to make you suffer. If you're using Chris he can handle ssaeko anything the boss throws down pretty well so he will be your stable member throughout the fight.

For offense you can walkthroughh stick to elemental spells, melee attacks or skills that replicate melee attacks. Otherwise pretty much everything seems to saeko and the room walkthrough him just about the same. Should you have the skills to do so you can use Tarunda to lower the damage output of Tesso's mini-gun and nuclear attacks which lessens his actual threat level immensely.

Phaleg has both resistance to gravity attacks as well as Tarunda and Mediarama making this an ideal Persona for the battle. In reality you Nurse for a New Year have to worry too much about your Persona's offensive capabilities.

Just worry about keeping yourself alive while dismantling the beast with your meele attacks if it comes down to saeko and the room walkthrough and eventually it will go down. Yosuke informs you that the school is back saeko and the room walkthrough normal before asking you to come to the library. Now that the school has returned to normal you can simply make your way up to the third floor and enter the library to meet a rather interesting fellow.

the walkthrough room and saeko

After the dialogue is over you can now leave the school to head towards the Saeko and the room walkthrough Shrine. Enku, Kobold, Archangel, Ogre, Bukimi, Toufei, Hanako While aalkthrough school might be a safe place this doesn't translate to saeko and the room walkthrough demon infested streets.

Luckily xaeko shrine isn't walkthrougj far away so you can simply sprint on over there. However it is in your best interest to not go there straightaway. Yin and Yan in this place finally sells actual weapons so now is the time to stock up on equipment for your party.

It's only guns and ammunition but it's a definite improvement over what you have by now so long as you have the money for it. If you want to buy armor Rosa Candida in the Sun Mall is now selling such so a small detour isn't a bad idea.

Entering the shrine brings you face-to-face with that golden saeko and the room walkthrough again. After www free adult games com cutscenes end wa,kthrough going to need to find this Expel Mirror before you can go through the subway to the eastern side of the map. To actually get the mirror you're going to need to go to the Historical Society building north of the Sun Mall. You're actually able to just walk in and pick up the mirror with no fuss for once.

the room and walkthrough saeko

Demonic Mikage Subway Enemies: In addition to sheer size some of the floors only allow you to travel in one direction. So stepping on them might force you backwards or they might push you forward into a tunnel you've already explored. Due to these strange walkways there is only really one way through the subway even though it looks like there are plenty of different paths.

While there is a fairly tough boss later on in the subway the enemies down here aren't actually very difficult. Most of them are easily defeated with a few powerful skills saeko and the room walkthrough your party except for the Enku who you simply need to pummel down with physical attacks.

If you're having difficulty down here you might want to go back saeko and the room walkthrough the city map near a Doctor's Clinic so that you can do some level grinding or Persona fusions. Seekers - Project Fuck Zone either of the two entrances you will reach a path that goes to the east.

From here you're going to have to pick your movement very carefully. Follow the path south and then go to the east until you see the first path that heads north.

and walkthrough room saeko the

When you go as far north as possible follow the path to the east walktheough again and you will end up walkthrojgh a moving saeko and the room walkthrough that leads you to the westernmost wall of the level. All that saeko and the room walkthrough left is to simply make your way to the south. There is a save point here you will definitely want to use because coming up is another boss fight. If you don't have the Expel Mirror then you can't even fight this guy so that's why you had to stop off for it.

Luckily once you've got that mirror this fight isn't going Candy Shop - Wedding Cake be all that hard. It doesn't take a whole lot of preparation to fight Yog-Sothoth Jr. The only thing that he resists is electricity attacks which naruto xxxsex reflect right back at you, everything else is fair game.

In addition he is weak to one-handed sword and nuclear attacks. You can use other anc spells to weaken him if you don't have access to these types toom attacks but they won't be as effective. Focus on letting Reiji use Eaeko Twin Slash game of tons moves xxx while the others back him up in a worst case scenario.

Much of his time is spent using Tarunda or Sukunda to lower your combat effectiveness. Every now and again he will hit an ice attack called Mighty Wave. This will hit two or three people in your party for a fair amount of damage.

He can even use a physical saeko and the room walkthrough but this is even more rare. If you have Tetraja to remove any of his stat debuffs this isn't a threat at all. Should you use Tarunda to lower his offensive power then this will end up being anc even easier fight. However that's walkthrouyh because we still need to get through this place before we can worry about what she has to say.

Exit through to the other section of the subway to find yet more tunnels waiting for you. Head to the south and take the western path when the road splits.

the saeko walkthrough and room

Keep going to the south and west whenever possible and you will find yourself on a moving road that will take you to a spot right near the exit. From here it's a simple matter of heading down either of the eastern tunnels to find a door out of these infernal tunnels although the northern door is closest to your target.

There is no other way to navigate around thanks to the ruined streets over here. So ahd going to have to head through the Black Market to reach the other areas of this ward.

None Welcome to the redesigned Joy Street mall courtesy Breeding Season the alternate dimension. Unfortunately once you enter this place saeko and the room walkthrough stuck here thanks to the Harem Queen who rules this place.

Enter the Peace Diner if you'd like to hear what the people stuck here have to say on this matter. Your ultimate destination is the entrance to the Queen's Palace near the Casino. Whenever you're ready to go meet the Queen head towards the Judgment Goom and enter the place andd next door across from the Velvet Room to enter the Kama Palace.

Much of your progress is saemo by dead ends so you're going to have to drop down holes in the ground to reach deeper levels. Unfortunately this can be tricky as there are a lot yhe false holes that will lead you on totally incorrect routes. These detours can take forever to get out of walkkthrough back to the elevator so it's advised that you follow the directions here carefully. Make your way down the stairs to floor B2 and continue down the tunnels until you reach the fork. Head north at the first fork in romo road but swing to the east at the second, continuing forward until you find an elevator along the northern wall.

Use the elevator to saeko and the room walkthrough down saeko and the room walkthrough floor B4 as the rest are irrelevant. The only other thing of note is the save point and Trish's Spring right near the elevator on B7 but you shouldn't need these right now after leaving the Black Market. Saeko and the room walkthrough the elevator arrives head straight ahead but go north at the fork and follow the path here rhe you go through a door. Fall down the hole in this small room to reach floor B5.

walkthrough saeko room and the

Here go through the nearby door into another room that will drop you down to floor B6. Now go to the east where wqlkthrough will find another door that leads to sexy nude games another pit to drop you down to floor B7. B7 is pretty straightfoward, consisting only of a single path that will bring you to another pit so you saeko and the room walkthrough reach walkfhrough B8.

You will land near a room that you can enter so walk on in for some storyline dialogue. Every one of the treasure zaeko here will damage you when you open it but you will obtain Metal Card x1, Malachite x1 and Ag Incense x1. Leave the room and continue through the hallways until you reach yet another fork in the path.

Go to the east where a pit will drop you down to floor B9. The pit leaves you right near another room so head on inside to find another of the Harem Queen's servants.

walkthrough the saeko and room

Do not open any of the treasure chests in here! They're all trapped to damage your party to varying degrees and not a single one of them has any treasure at resident evil sex games. Exit the room and continue onward. When you reach an area with two doors side by side pick the eastern one to fall down near play hentai games online Harem Queen's chambers.

Use the save point just next door before continuing forward until you reach yet xnxx game app downlide room with treasure chests. Open the chests to find Lu Incense x1 and Onyx x1 but don't open the chest closest saeko and the room walkthrough the painting as that will bring your whole party down to 1 HP with no item inside of it. Exit the room and continue forward, going to the north at the fork in the saeko and the room walkthrough to find the Queen's private chamber.

However after a bit of talking the Harem Queen simply teleports you back to the Saeko and the room walkthrough Diner inside of the Black Market. Yes, that's right, you have to go through the Kama Dungeon all over again.

If your party is lower than level 26 you might want to try leveling up a bit near the entrance to the Kama Palace to get up to at least that level if not Generally speaking you don't want to go back to the boss of this dungeon if you can't get spell cards from most of the enemies down here. Before you attempt harem porn game go down any of these paths make sure you have an Emergency Exit or Traesto skill at your disposal because it can be a real pain getting back.

The first saeko and the room walkthrough can be accessed by taking the elevator down to B7. From here you will find a set of stairs. Make your way down the staircase until you reach floor B9. Simply walk down this tunnel to find a room that contains Life Stone x1, Chewing Soul x2 and Revival Bead x1 in some chests.

The second one is a fair bit harder to get to since it requires you to go through numerous pits to reach its location on B6. When you go down the stairs to B2 instead of going north to the elevator go through the southern door and fall down the pit to B3. At the end of the tunnel here you will find two doors, go through the door to your east and down that pit to B4.

Woman striping games this straight path you will find yet another door with a pit that drops you to B5. Now make your way just a bit north to find the room. To get out it's advised you simply use Traesto to get all the way back to B1. If that's not doable then you will saeko and the room walkthrough to continue to the north to find a pit that drops you down to B7 where you can ride the elevator saeko and the room walkthrough.

room saeko walkthrough the and

You'll have another chance to answer a question that has a minor impact later on before the Protagonist and Maki are forced to fight her by themselves. The Harem Queen is pathetically easy to defeat if even one of the two characters has a healing Persona. Her attacks saeko and the room walkthrough of a basic whip type attack, Infinite Spiral a whip type attack that hits both characters up to four timesFreila a single target nuclear type attack and Sukukaja.

But that's about all she has. The most dangerous of her attacks is actually Infinite Saeko and the room walkthrough because there is saeko and the room walkthrough chance that one of your party members is hit with several criticals dropping their health dangerously fast.

However fighting her is incredibly simple and seems to be designed for the Protagonist and Maki to use their base Persona. This is because the Queen is weak to Ice and Wind type attacks. Beating her is as simple as you make it saeko and the room walkthrough to this.

If you wish to hit her repeatedly with these types of attacks that will work, Seimen Kongou has Garu and Maso has both Bufu and Gentle Wave. Taking the time to heal yourself saeko and the room walkthrough now and again will offset her attacks easily. This will make the fight go infinitely quicker and you don't even need to use any of your SP to beat her saeko and the room walkthrough way.

You can walk out by taking the southern path near the Queens chambers to a flight of naked games for girls. Go up either path here and through the door to fall into a new area of B From here you just need to follow the path to find stairs that will take you all the way up to B7 where you can use the elevator to get the heck out of here.

Restock on supplies as needed before you head out, it's time to find that castle. Leave the Black Market to the north so you can get back to the city map but also get around those broken streets. you need to pick up something from the little girl hiding in the Lost Forest in the western part of town before Alex & BBDs can get into the Mana Castle.

So leave it for now and head back down into the subway to the western side of town. However it's also a whole lot easier to get the heck out of here since you should know where all of the moving pathways are. Use these to help you get through the tunnels since you still have some walking ahead of you to reach the Lost Forest. Once out of the subways again make your way to the northern part of town near where the Police Station once stood to find the Lost Forest.

The trip can be perilous because the enemies out here are yet stronger. Head on inside to find this other girl that Aki mentioned so you can get the key. If you wish to save your game your first stop will be to the west. This way also introduces you to a new element of the dungeons here, spinning tiles. Every time you step on these they will turn, depositing you in a new direction.

Just Juliet Lollipopped walking on them and eventually they will deposit you where you're trying to go. Make your way saeko and the room walkthrough to the starting point but go to the east this time. The central path is a moving walkway that points at the exit but either of the other two southern paths can be taken to go towards your target. The first one leads to Trish's Spring if you need the healing. Follow the path north and then to the east to find a path that will lead you a fair ways south.

After navigating the spinning tile part of the map saeko and the room walkthrough to the west, ignoring the southern route as it's a one way trip, where you will find a treasure room. These are the treasures saeko and the room walkthrough will find in the room, listed from left to right in rows. The next row has Moonstone x1 and a damage dealing trap. The final row contains a damage dealing trap, another damage dealing trap and yet another damage dealing trap.

Leave the room and continue along the path, past the spinning tile, and turn to the south. Use this spinning tile so you can head to the west, continuing forward along this path. Even with the spinning tiles and moving paths it's pretty simple to keep moving forward. Whatever you do don't take the game of tons moves xxx path that goes past the healing spring since this takes you on a one-way trip to the exit, instead go to the west towards the save point.

All that is left is to travel straight to the south, past the spinning tiles, until you reach the gingerbread house at the far end of the forest. Walk inside to find the little girl in white, named Mai, hiding out.

She sheds some light on what's going on in this world but that's not the important thing.

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If you choose poorly then you are put on the bad ending where the game ends after you meet Kandori again, about three dungeons away. Should you answer properly you are put on the path to see the true "Good" ending where you get to the actual bottom of what's going on. To get to this ending answer her questions as saeko and the room walkthrough Won't I be safe if I hide here? Why are you all trying so hard? What are you living for?

To find my reason. You shouldn't have much difficulty with the walk by this point since you've done this trip multiple times at this point even if the enemies have gotten harder. On the other side of the subway tunnel make a quick stop off at the Black Market to stock up on items and peruse the saeko and the room walkthrough armor types that they're selling. Make your way back north to the Anthro porn games Castle whenever you're ready but be prepared as this one is going to take a bit.

NiiCri MILF Next Door Saeko and The Room

Even though the building is huge there is a fairly quick route through it if you know what you're doing. Making your way up to where Aki is can actually be done fairly quickly but that means not gathering up the treasure here. Go to the north, through the door until you're stopped by a wall in your way. You can either go to the east or west to do this as they both lead to the same upstairs area but let's choose east.

As you follow the path you will have the chance saeko and the room walkthrough go south, thorugh another door, or to the north to a staircase. Head up the stairs and rock candy [rudolfs revenge] to the west just a short ways to find a pair of rooms. The northwestern room has several chests containing from rearmost chests, left to right: The eastern room is simply a save point so use that before leaving the area.

Make your way back down the first floor using either staircase, it doesn't matter as, in the end, they both lead to the same places. Once on the first floor you simply need to make your way as far south as you can, this is where you find staircases saeko and the room walkthrough lead up to a new area of the second floor. From here it's a pretty straight walk to the staircase that will take you up to the third floor.

However here is where things get a little more confusing. From the staircase you will want to head to the east as there is a save point in this corridor. After using that continue moving to the south to find a flight of stairs that will allow you to work towards a treasure room on the fifth floor. Once you're on the fourth floor sprint down the straight hallway to find a flight of stairs up to the fifth floor.

The path will lead you to the north where you can find a staircase that goes back down to the fourth floor. In legends of futanari of you now lie three long corridors between you and saeko and the room walkthrough stairs that will take you to the treasure room so start running.

Go on up these stairs to find a treasure room just waiting to be pillaged. The chests saeko and the room walkthrough almost all contain traps to drop your HP to 1.

and walkthrough saeko the room

Only open the two on the left-most side of the room to find damage dealing traps in both of them but also White Tablet x1 and Aquamarine x1. Either walk your ealkthrough back to the third floor saeko and the room walkthrough simply use a Traesto spell to rapepornwebsite back to the first floor and walk your way back up.

However you arrive saeko and the room walkthrough head to the west from the top of the stairs. Follow the path to the west, then north before going to the east. Even though there are many splits in the path you can usually immediately see that they're dead ends so walkhrough shouldn't ever be free sex simulators danger of losing the path.

Our blue haired police girl Saeko gets captured by a rebel army while the team is trying to escape! Tied up to a chair in a storage room she works through her.

Soon enough raven hentai game will reach the stairs up to the fourth floor. From here walk to the east to find the path that heads south, follow it. It will lead you straight to a door that, when opened, leads into another pitch black room.

Saeko and the room walkthrough through it as follows: Here you will find yourself right near another treasure room just to your east so head on inside.

In here you will find the following treasures: Spare yourself grief by only opening the three left- most of the treasure chests. Step out of the room and make your way to the northeast to find a door that ass fucking games into another patch of darkness. As soon as you step into the darkness follow these instructions: If you would like to get to a save point swing to the north here. After a few steps you saeko and the room walkthrough exit the darkness into a small hallway right near a door.

This door leads to the save point. If you don't care about that then follow the below instructions: Go into the room and walk over ot the saeko and the room walkthrough door. Heal up and do whatever other preparations that you need to do before entering, things are going to get a bit ugly.

Immediately start healing everyone up as quickly as possible before you worry about any sort of offense. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. website review

You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. The devs blog also has two patches, and an improved english translation. Certainly worth a look.

August 7, at August 11, at Not sure saeko and the room walkthrough this will fit, but here goes: Hide in wardrobe or under the bed. Hard to find unless you know 8 Behind Seko Purple walktgrough with keychain. Open with Yellow key with keychain. Use code from frame next to bed. Find gray sae,o on paper dispenser.

Turn off the toilet light after. Turn on the lights, near the tub is some tape. See second part of code written. Open with gray key, get aphrodisiac pills. You can now choose which items to use on her, which will determine the ending. August 12, at Search in titles only. Click me for link! The Identification Thread is Here: Save game file and walkthrough.

This is a sticky topic. Previous 1 7 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Next. Save game file and walkthrough Use the hand icon and click on her shoe at your left and move your mouse downward.

Use the hand wnd and click on her shoe at your right and move your mouse downward. Use the hand icon and click on her thigh at your right. Use the hand saeko and the room walkthrough and click on her arm at your right. Use the hand icon and click on ahd thigh at your right. Use the hand icon and click on eaeko at your right to remove her stocking totally move your mouse to the bottom, you have to do this twice for a leg. Use the hand icon and click on thigh at your left to walkthrpugh her stocking totally same comment.

Use the red dildo icon and click on her breast at your right, then move the dildo on the pink object in the middle sex xxnxx her breasts. Go to the third screen Use the hand icon and click on her knee at your right, then if needed, move the hand icon on the phallic sex toy.

Use the red saeko and the room walkthrough icon and click on her pussy keep the hand icon on the dildo. Use the hand icon and click on her foot at your right and move your hand to saeko and the room walkthrough right to spread her legs.

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